Aardvark specialises in planning law and environmental law.

Our areas of work include legal issues arising from:

All types of planning applications

Planning agreements

Community infrastructure levy

Permitted development



Compulsory acquisition

Environmental assessment


Public inquiries


Judicial review

Planning and restrictive covenant insurance

Village greens

Rights of light

Climate change

Contaminated land


Appointing environmental consultants

Reliance letters

Environmental insurance

Environmental warranties and indemnities in transactions

Sector focus

Aardvark works on projects large and small for a range of landowners and developers including quoted companies, private companies, funds, venture capital backed enterprises and private individuals.

Public sector

Aardvark works for public sector clients where our particular expertise and focus on outcomes is required.

2016 hot topics

Viability and affordable housing.

Starter homes.

Use of Freedom of Information in planning.

CIL and s106 double dipping.

Planning ransoms arising from poor property due diligence.

Local Plans and Area Action Plans that are badly prepared.

Judicial review by NIMBYs due to Aarhus costs protection.

Office to residential and other permitted development.

Heritage and other types of enabling development.

Senior living and C2/C3 use.

Delay in the planning system including discharge of conditions and highways agreements.

Faster and non-paper based appeals.

Green belt.

Examples of our work in 2016

Ongoing advice: 5,000 residential unit urban extension in Kent.

Ongoing advice: 3,800 residential unit urban extension in Hants on former MOD land (acting for Council).

500 residential unit development in the Chilterns.

Redevelopment of former school for 26 plus 1 self build unit in Devon.

Successful defence of judicial review of planning permission amendment by neighbours.

Judicial review of neighbouring scheme for residential developer.

Section 106 BA review of viability of affordable housing provisions (50% on site provision reduced to 5% equivalent off site contribution).

Green belt enforcement.

Senior living schemes in Devon and Cornwall.

Exceptional country house under para 55 NPPF in Norfolk.

London office schemes.

Five residential towers above a shopping centre in Thames Valley.

Strategic advice on residential development and link road in Essex.

Advice on community infrastructure levy for retrospective s73 variation.

Advice on heritage scheme (acting for Council).

Advice on community infrastructure levy for mixed use development.

Objection to neighbouring development on ecology and highways grounds.

Successful defence of judicial review of construction management plan by neighbours.

Promoting sites through local plan review.

Public inquiry into relief road CPO proposals.

Planning application for extended opening hours for a retail store.

Heritage advice on former convent.